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Hi helifriends,

Here a quick and dirty page with images from my homebuild microheli.

Technical data:

Weight without battery 82 gr
Flying weight 145 gr including training gear
Motor Faulhaber 1717
Gearing 1:17.14
Rotor diameter 440 mm

micro 4.5-6

Currently I am in the testing stage, and I am learning my self to fly it. An interesting though not easy combination.

No flying pictures yet, the hovers still are to short.

Here is a second page containing information on the testbench that I made for this heli.

If you want to know more, just drop me a line.


This is the last version of the little beast (here mounted on its testbench):

Looks great, doesn't it?

The parts of the fixed pitch semi rigid rotor head. The sheet part is made of Titanium. Note the tiny ball bearings.

Frameparts. The ruler is in cm. Main gear has been lightened from 11 gr to 4.3 gr

Rotorhead with frameparts. Frame is made of home made carbon sheet.

Everything together. Note the different landing gear compared with the A frame in the first picture.

This looks better but is more easily damaged. As soon as I can fly properly I will put this landing gear back on.

The servo's are WES 3.0

The tail looks longer than it really is.